Public Mass Information

Arrival: Please arrive 5 to 30 minutes before Mass begins.
Early arrival will accommodate check in and directions for seating. The church will be locked after Mass begins.

Check-In: When you arrive at church, please check-in at the vestibule. To ensure proper social distancing, Ushers will help guide you to pews. 

Seating: Mass will be celebrated using safe distancing practices. You may find that, for now, your favorite pew has been closed to achieve this practice. Families may sit together. Ushers will assist you with seating. 

Family Room: The Family Room will not be open.

Masks: Please wear your mask when entering and exiting church, and if speaking closely to others before or after Mass.  Once you are seated, you are not required to wear a mask with the practice of safe distancing being used.  However, you may wear your mask if you prefer during the entirety of your time in church.

Communion: Coming forward for communion will not be in the usual aisles.  The ushers will direct you. Distribution of the Precious Blood and the physical Sign of Peace will continue to not be offered at this time. 

Offertory: There will be no passing of the offering baskets, and no procession of the gifts.  A basket for your contribution will be in the vestibule.  We appreciate your gift.

Music: There will be music at the Sunday Mass but there will be no congregational singing. The music that is chosen will lend itself to this temporary restriction and parts of the Mass will be spoken. The hymnals will be removed from the pews, and no music will be projected. 

Visiting after Mass: Following Mass, parishioners who wish to visit with each other must do so outside in the open air.

Mass attendance is Optional, not Obligatory: Bishop Paprocki’s general dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect. 

Those parishioners suffering from a contagious illness or who have been exposed to a contagious illness, such as COVID-19, are not to attend Mass. This observance should always be practiced, even outside of a pandemic.

Those parishioners who are have greater health risks due to age or other factors as defined by the CDC are strongly asked to exercise prudence in prayerfully discerning their own Mass attendance at this time.