Music Ministry

Mrs. Linda Younkin, Director Contact: [email protected]

The Christ the King music ministry’s role is to bring people closer to God through music. Our purpose is to add beauty to the liturgy and to encourage and enhance congregational singing, thereby uniting us as one in sung prayer. Through a cooperative spirit and a willingness to learn, our singers and instrumentalists strive for excellence in order to bring themselves and our community to a closer union with God. The CTK music ministry welcomes anyone who has a charism, talent or interest in the area of music in service to liturgy.

The various musical groups are as follows:

CTK Adult Choir

The Christ the King adult choir is composed of CTK members who have a talent or interest in sung prayer. The adult choir rehearses on Thursday evenings in the church from 7:00-8:30 p.m. During the Christmas and Easter season, they rehearse until 9:00 pm

CTK Millennial Choir

The Christ the King Millennials are a group of vocalists and instrumentalists who provide music at the new 5 pm mass on Sunday evenings. Group members are of the "Millennial generation". Ages range from college students to young adults. The Millennials provide sung prayer for mass by blending contemporary Christian music with traditional church favorites in an upbeat style with a live band. They rehearse every other Tuesday evening from 7:15-8:45 pm. The CTK Millennials are under the direction of Cory Brown.

CTK Cantor Group

The cantor group consists of choir members who have a trained solo voice of any range. These members of the choir lead the responsorial psalms and acclamations. As a small sub-group, they often provide music at one of our weekend Masses. They also join the choir members for our major church celebrations.

CTK Instrumentalists

Keyboardists, pianists, organists, woodwind players, percussionists and guitarists are among our CTK instrumental players. The CTK instrumentalists are the backbone of all of our musical groups. They rehearse with the other musicians and provide a solid foundation for our singers, as well as provide their own type of prayer through instrumental arrangements of musical works.

CTK Junior Choir and Senior Choir

These two separate groups consist of junior high and high school students who demonstrate a willingness and ability to be active in a parish ministry. Their leadership role prepares them for the future position they will hold as leaders of our church. These two groups rehearse separately and weekly. They are often combined into one group for a weekend Mass, or sing at two different Masses, depending on the monthly schedule.

Jr. High Choir (4th through 8th grade) – Rehearsal on Monday evenings from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Sr. High Choir (9th through 12th grade) – Rehearsal on Monday evenings from 6:30pm-7:30pm

CTK Funeral Choir

This generous group of ministers is “on call” to provide music for our Funeral liturgies, usually with a day or two notice. The majority of our funerals are during the day, so members of this group need to be available during daytime hours. This group sings a weekend Mass once a year at our November Mass of Remembrance. They rehearse 30 minutes prior to each funeral.

CTK Children’s Choirs

The 3rd through 4th grade school choir, known as the Cherubs and the 5th through 8th grade school choir known as the Jr. Crusaders, along with the “class of the week” provide support for the assembly singing for the Wednesday morning school Masses during the school year. They also sing one weekend Mass per month. They are under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth Donathan.

Hand Bell Choir

The Hand Bell Choir is composed of dedicated individuals who practice on designated evenings at 7:00 p.m. in the St. Joseph Room. They add a wonderful dimension to our special Masses at Christmas, Easter, 1st Communion, Confirmation, Graduation, etc. They are always looking for new members. Contact: Ms. Peg McDermott