Mission Statement

Mutually Shared Vision for Christ the King Parish
Finalized by the Pastoral Council

Our Vision for the next five years is that we:
UNITE in order to

Our Parish purpose is to use our love of God and service to our neighbors to teach,
energize, and inspire our parishioners and others to become dynamic Catholics.

All people, all ages without distinction are welcome at Christ the King.
We will honor and embrace the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals.
We will come together as one supportive parish community by our liturgies, activities and programs.

All of our words and deeds are rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We will love God and our neighbor as ourselves, living out the two great Commandments.
We will hold to the faithful celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
We will reach out to the parish, community and world at large through charitable works and generous giving.

All of our parish actions and ministries will strive to achieve and maintain the highest of ministry standards that bring glory to God.
We will provide leadershiptraining and mentoring.
We will provide the best resources for staff and volunteers in their work and ministries.
We will conduct periodic goal setting, effective feedback, and thorough evaluations.

All of our challenges and initiatives will be addressed with creative and innovative solutions.
We will prayerfully seek inspiration from the Holy Spirit to creatively address our challenges.
We will explore new avenues for parishioners to communicate ideas.
We will develop and promote new ministries throughout the parish.

Christ the King Staff Values

Love of God, Love of God's Church,
Love of God's People

• Growing and deepening our faith in God through prayer and service
• Being present with an attitude of gratitude and joy
• Respecting the dignity of the individual
• Cherishing the Earth through good stewardship

One vision to build up the
body of Christ

• Recognizing the strength in diversity
• Honoring each individual’s gifts in ministry
• Collaborating to achieve a shared vision
• Being loyal to CTK through participation and discernment

Intentional living by Gospel values in following Jesus

• Evangelizing by creatively seeking & utilizing all resources available
• Recognizing and developing our gifts and offering them for the greater glory of God
• Empowering servant leadership and group action for social justice
• Continuing to strive for excellence through education and formation