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Pastor's Pen - May 24

Today we celebrate the Ascension of our Lord into heaven. He is seated at the right hand of the Father, reigning in glory. Where he has gone, we will be invited to follow, and share in His glory. Through our pilgrimage of this life, may we be credible disciples, proclaiming the good news of Christ in word and deed.

Pentecost is next weekend! The liturgical color is red. When you are watching online, be sure to wear something red, yellow or orange – appropriate for church. Just as the Holy Spirit filled the upper room with flames of fire, let our clothing give a visual witness to the flame of faith that burns in each of us. And this week be sure to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over our parish, city, state, nation, and world. that we may know and do the will of God.

This is the last week to use your Little White Book for your daily prayer. The reflection for this Thursday is very good. Check it out.
There is no next Little Book, sorry. So to augment your spiritual life at home, check out the
resources listed in our bulletin.  If you find one or more helpful, send me your comments. With your permission I
can put your comment in a future bulletin as encouragement to others.

Last weekend's Distribution of Holy Communion went smoothly Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It was so good to see and visit briefly with those present.  Some told me how they appreciate the streaming Masses, but they miss coming together for to celebrate
Mass. My sentiment exactly! Some parishioners were not able to partake so there are 2 additional sessions this
weekend. We will continue to offer Holy Communion Services on weekends until we can resume public
Masses. Our Eucharistic Fast is slowly being lifted. God is good!

Deacon Dave Beagles, who was with us over Christmas, is back, and you heard him preach at the 4:30 Mass live-stream. He and his classmates will be ordained priests by Bishop Paprocki Friday June 19. Then he will prepare to move to his first assignment, St. Francis
Solanus Parish in Quincy. Please keep Deacon Dave and the other transitional deacons in your prayers. The ordination will be live streamed from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. My ordination of happy and blessed memory was in 1988. My 32nd anniversary is May 28, this Thursday.

Thanks to you I have many blessings to count. I miss you all. Together with God’s grace we will get through this

In the peace of the risen and ascended Christ,

Fr. Joe 


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