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Pastor’s Pen,  June 30

 Next weekend is our annual missionary appeal. Please show a warm welcome to Fr. Simon Taabu of the
diocese of Nyundo, Rwanda. You can read more about him in the bulletin.

I need to say again, thanks for so many birthday cards and gifts and warm wishes. I couldn’t get through all my cards until I was home from retreat. I relished the couple of hours opening and reading so many cards. What a blessing!

I am going to Chicago the end of the week, to spend the 4th with some dear and long time friends, then to my sister’s in Aurora for the weekend. Father Tom McDermott will have Mass here Thursday and Friday. Father Tom will also be here the weekend of July 27-28, asking for our support of his mission work. Christ the King has always been outstanding in supporting the missions. Note that there is no Eucharisstic Adoration and Benediction on Friday. Given the holiday, and my absence, I thought it best to cancel it.

All school families received Pflaum Gospel Weeklies for the summer. I encourage families to use it to prepare for Sunday Mass, and refer to it through the week for the family prayer.

Please consider supporting scholarships to our school for low income families through Empower Illinois. There is only enough money to award 4 four students; many more are on the waiting list. Your support reduces your IL income tax. It really works: I’ve done it, as have a few other parishioners. It’s not too late for this year. It’s an absolute win-win, for you and needy students. The less money I give to the State of IL, the better. See more info below, or speak to me or Mrs. Fahey.

Have a firecracker of a week!

Fr. Joe


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