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Today we celebrate the holy day of Pentecost. The promise of Jesus is fulfilled in the gift of the Holy Spirit. This 50 day Eastertime, this great season of feasting and celebrating now comes to a close. What a treat to hear the first reading at Mass today in a different language, a reminder that we are part of the Church that speaks many languages to God’s people. May the wind and flame of God’s Holy Spirit fill the Church that we may be courageous witnesses to the Gospel, like the disciples.

In the book Great Catholic Parishes, in which I am quoted, great parishes excel on Sundays. That is our value and vision at Christ the King. That’s what makes us attractive, that our faith is vibrant and our worship is dynamic. Next Sunday morning will be donuts and drinks after Mass to provide more fellowship. Let us not be casual about Sunday Mass attendance, attire, and etiquette.

We return on Monday to the long stretch of Ordinary Time in the Church’s calendar. Though the next 2 Sundays are not ordinary, but rather solemnities, being Holy Trinity Sunday, and the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. The Little White Book is now done. To enrich your daily prayer, check out, and Reading and praying over the Sunday readings is particularly helpful in preparing for Sunday Mass. It will enrich your experience of the Liturgy of the Word. I hope your pattern and rhythm of prayer can continue through the summer.

I am forming the 2019 CTK Bike Team, which first formed in 2013. I use the word “team” loosely. There are no try-outs or time trials. We’re pretty relaxed. All ages are welcome; I can see having a group of less experienced distance riders, and a more experienced group. I love to pass on tips for a better, longer, stronger ride. We are aiming to ride in the Capital City Century on Sunday September 8. Go to You can ride shorter distances than the 100 miles that day. A late season ride I’ve done is to the Arch in St. Louis…from Edwardsville. Pretty cool crossing the Mississippi River! Send your info to me,, and I’ll create a team list to let you know about group rides. The regulars and I usually ride on Saturday mornings. I enjoy the camaraderie with parishioners on our bike rides.

School is out, and now there is still plenty of activity with our Christ the King Summer Camp at the school. This is our third year for our campers, which is a help to several of our parents, particularly of young children. The camp, running through July, has 108 students at this time. Thanks to Pam Fahey, our school principal for leading this effort, and to the teachers and helpers making all run smoothly. All are being careful given the school roof project these weeks. Then there is Vacation Bible School in addition to camp. We have much to be proud of. In the course of 52 weeks, the number of weeks when the school building has no students is 2 in the summer, barely a week at Christmas because we have “Winter Camp”, then one week for spring break. We intentionally make good use of this huge resource, our school.

You can see some improving news below in regards to the Annual Catholic Services Appeal. Thanks to the 223 households who contributed to this diocesan campaign. However, we are in a significant budget shortfall in terms of Sunday collections by year end, June 30th. See the stewardship box for the numbers. Please prayerfully consider an additional sacrificial gift to help offset this shortfall by year end. A great way to contribute and perhaps a more convenient way, is to set up a recurring gift online via the website (http:// It is easy, safe, and provides the parish the needed cash flow each week, even if you are away. Many of us lead busy lives that cause us to perhaps travel on the weekends. However, the Mission of Christ the King, and supporting that with staff salaries, benefits, utilities, etc., all rely on your continued generosity! Even if you are away for the weekend, know your generous gift is helping this parish to live the Gospel through engaging programs, beautiful liturgies, and the blessings of sacramental life.

We are a blessed parish, those blessings coming from God, with parishioners sharing those blessings. Thanks for your continued stewardship. In these summer weeks, if you are away over the weekend, be sure to keep up with parish news and events by going to our dynamic website, Click on the bulletin tab to stay in the know.

In the peace of Christ the King,

                Fr. Joe


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